Former Ruby Tequila's employees take legal action, seek damages

Former Ruby Tequila's employees take legal action, seek damages

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

More than 60 former employees who lost their jobs in July are going to federal court over pay and damages.

They used to work for Ruby Tequilas and Fired Up Holdings both here and in Amarillo.

Several restaurants under the Fired Up umbrella closed suddenly, leaving hundreds out of work.

The plaintiffs claim the company's owners showed, "an astonishing disregard for federal law not to mention human decency without warning or notice."

According to the lawsuit, the owners failed to pay the employees for several weeks before closing July 26.

The filing indicates owners violated the Warn Act, which requires employers to give 60 days notice before a mass layoff.

The suit names Kevin Foote and Magdalena Baier, operating as "Fired Up Holdings" and R Tequila acquisitions.

The suit indicates Fired Up Holdings was in the process of purchasing all or a portion of the ruby tequila's restaurants from the RTA and the sale was never closed.

The employees are asking for back pay and benefits, and any state law claims regarding the Federal Labor Standards Act and the Warn Act.

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