Frenship kindergarten students send well wishes to Houston

Frenship kindergarten students send well wishes to Houston

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Some pint-size kids are learning a valuable lesson. Just in the second week of school, they are learning what it takes to have a big heart. The Frenship kindergarteners are giving back to students they don't even know in Houston.

Brittni Jakstas' class is taking the time to give back.

"A few did raise their hand and say yeah, my mom and dad talked about it," she said. I have seen it on the news."

Their kindergarten teacher wanted to help with Harvey relief.  She essentially adopted a kindergarten class at a downtown Houston charter school.

"All she was able to do was roll up her rug before she left," Jakstas' said. "So, she said she hasn't seen her classroom yet. So she doesn't know what state the classroom is in or anything."

The creative young minds are coloring to send well wishes. 

"We talked about it," the teacher said. "Just cause they are kind of sad right now, because they have lost a lot. So, we are just trying to give them something to lift them up."

Student Kinlee McDonald said it was sad to see what was going on.

"Everything was flooded," she said.

She and fellow student Jake Morris hope these drawings will put a smile on someone's face. The class is also collecting school supplies to send to Houston.
Jakstas' said this is a lesson they can take with them.

"It is good for them to learn that we can help other people, be compassionate, and just a way to make other people's day brighter," she said.

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