Texas Tech works around state financial budget request

Texas Tech works around state financial budget request

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Texas Tech along with the other major public universities in the state have a slimmer budget this go-around.

During the 85th legislative session, state lawmakers passed a budget forcing higher ed institutions like Texas Tech to make some financial changes. 

"We all were asked at one point to make some cuts per the state", said Chris Cook, managing director of Texas Tech's Office of Communications & Marketing. "A state request back in the spring, we anticipated and we knew that it was coming."

Each public institution made cuts according to individual needs to meet the state requirement. Texas Tech reduced its budget by one percent. The university had a strategic plan and made sure academics remained a top priority. 

"One of the primary things we looked out for was to not affect learning, educational experiences for our students, not to affect the research opportunities for our faculty and not to affect their teaching," Cook said.

The university met its goal of reducing the budget by making cuts in the entertainment and travel expenditure areas. Texas Tech's Student Body President Robbie Meyer said the university's administration has done a great job maintaining its academic goals. 

"I think the administration did a really great job of not taking away from the students budget and kind of dealing with it a little more internally," Meyer said. "As far as academic success goes and money for student organizations, we really haven't faced anything tough at all." 

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