Former Muslim pastor survives countless attacks to preach the Ch

Former Muslim pastor survives countless attacks to preach the Christian gospel

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

A story of persecution and faith while defying the odds of survival.

Pastor Umar Mulinde grew up a Muslim, but when he converted to Christianity and began preaching, the assassination attempts came.

He has survived 12 attempts on his life, though the last one nearly ended it.

On Christmas of 2013, Mulinde was attacked with acid, leaving him in the hospital fighting for his life. After many months of treatment, he walked out of a hospital with facial scars and total blindness in one eye.

He now travels the world spreading his message of conversion and preaching the word of God.

Tonight he brought his message to Lubbock, speaking at Southcrest.

"He represents the persecuted church in Africa, he's trying to inform the American church of the reality of persecution in Africa," said Chris Baldelomar, Mulinde's assistant. "Many Christians in Africa are being persecuted and he's one of them."

If you would like to hear Pastor Mulinde speak, you have one more opportunity this Sunday at the Tenth at Bacan Heights Church.

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