All Saints Episcopal School installs new headmaster

All Saints Episcopal School installs new headmaster

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All Saints High Episcopal School installed Bruce Latta as the 18th headmaster succeeding Mike Bennett. Bennett retired at the end of the 2016-2017 school year after twelve years. 

Latta was selected by the board of trustees, a headmaster search committee, parents and faculty. His experience includes working for national organizations developing curriculum and as a school administrator and teacher in the US and over seas. 

He said he was attracted to this position because of the school's community involvement. 

"I came in at a terrific time, Dr. Bennett left the school in great shape, and we're excited about the work ahead." Latta said. "It's building, standing on the shoulders of giants, that's what we are doing."  

Latta said he looks forward to continuing to build on community engagement and their widely accredited fine arts program. 

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