"The Underdogs Project" sends trailers full of animal supplies t

"The Underdogs Project" sends trailers full of animal supplies to the floodzone


A group of Lubbock volunteers focusing specifically on pets and other animals affected by the flooding from Hurricane Harvey.

"The Underdog Project" already sent two trailers full of supplies, including cat and dog food, collars, kennels, and bedding. A third trailer is heading to the area and the Project hopes to fill a fourth.

Co-founder Brandi Cuellar said it started out small but got a lot bigger, with more support.

"We're Texans, and we support everybody and anybody. So we want to help as much as possible, especially because there's so much that we've seen on the news of animals that've been stranded and left without food or shelter, so that's really where we're coming into play in trying to help those animals out," Cuellar said.

The group's also sending horse and chicken feed, so it's not just focusing on household pets.

If you'd like to donate to the underdog project, visit http://mrscuellar08.wixsite.com/theunderdogsproject.

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