Texas Tech Physicians: Clovis shooting victims are recovering we

Texas Tech Physicians: Clovis shooting victims are recovering well

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When they got the call, they quickly developed a plan. The trauma team at Texas Tech Physicians and UMC treated four Clovis residents who were wounded in the deadly-shooting spree at the community library.

Dr. Sharmila Sissanaike loves what she does.

"It is a wonderful job, best job in the world," she said.

Not only is she a surgeon, she's the chair of the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center Department of Surgery.

"We can save the life of a young person in 30 minutes flat," she said. "There is no other specialty where you can do that on a daily basis."

She's part of a team that saved the four victims from Clovis. UMC Trauma Medical Director, Dr. Steven Brooks, said they're ready to deal with these kinds of things. 

"This is why we are very privileged and proud of our ability to take care of patients for trauma in the region, not in just West Texas, but well into Eastern New Mexico."

Six were shot Monday at the library. The suspect, 16-year-old Nathaniel Jouett, reportedly walked in with two pistols then fired into the ceiling before leveling his weapons towards victims. 

He's accused of murdering two librarians, 61-year-old Wanda Walters, and 48-year-old Kristina Carter. The four survivors are 10-year old Noah Molina, and his 21 year old sister Alexis, 53-year-old Howard Jones, and 30-year-old Jessica Throne.  

Dissanaike said Alexis and Jones had loved ones in the library at the time of the shooting.

"They were not all worried about their own future," she said. "They teard up when they said 'Oh my Gosh', I'm so glad my loved one was able to get to safety, that is what they were concerned about. I really want to think about these two people as not as victims."

Alexis was shot three times, near her heart, in her right leg, and left knee. Mr. Jones was shot in the forearm and the bullet tracked upward. Throne was shot in her upper left arm. 

Doctors wouldn't say specifics about the condition of Noah, due to the request of the family. However, they did say he was recovering well. 

"All four of them are recovering very well so far," Brooks said. "Two of them have even been discharged. We are very happy with the progression of their care and recovery."

Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Cyrus Caroom said he will be following up with the two shot in the arm.

"We have to track both those x-rays through their rehabilitation to see how they are doing," he said. "So, they will be seeing me, in my clinic, for the next six months to a year."

The doctors said the patients are the real heroes.

"For these people going though what they are going through losing loved ones trying to save people in the heat of what was going on, those people are hero's," Brooks said. "We are here to do a job, and we are privilege to do something we love everyday."

Jouett appeared in a Curry County court Thursday. The judge agreed with the state for the teen to remain in detention.  His case will go before a grand jury next week. He's charged with two counts of first degree murder, and eight other charges. Prosecutors want to try him as an adult. 

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