INTERVIEW: Congressman Arrington on President's response to Char

INTERVIEW: Congressman Arrington on President's response to Charlottesville

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Congressman Jodey Arrington talked to FOX34 about the violence in Charlottesville and President Trump's ability to address the current political climate.

"I'm not the spokesperson for President Trump, I have to be a spokesperson on behalf of the citizens of West Texas," Arrington said. "What happened in Charlottsville is a far from West Texas values as you can get. It's un-American, unacceptable and I condemn it. I think the president was clear in condemning it. Hatred, bigotry, anti-semitism, violence and people who incite violence have no place in American civil discourse."

Arrington said despite the opinions of political commentators across the nation, calling the president a "moral disgrace" or "danger to our country is taking it way too far.

"He's not a professional politician," Arrington said. "He doesn't speak like a professional politician and he certainly doesn't operate like one, but as far as I'm concerned he's done everything he said he could do within his power. His agenda is my agenda."

Arrington said President Trump can be his own worst enemy, but he wants him to succeed.

"Donald Trump was elected because the public sentiment was at a place where people could not tolerate business as usual," Arrington said. "There is a major anti-Washington sentiment and I agree with that sentiment. We're tired of do-nothing politicians, we're tired of people talking out of two sides of their mouth. This is a guy that was elected to go turn Washington upside down. I think that was the attraction to the voters."

Arrington said you have to take the downsides with the good when it comes to President Trump.

"Is going to say everything perfectly and do everything perfectly? No, I think he is going to make some mistakes along the way, but I think his heart is right," Arrington said. "His heart is for America to be great again."

Arrington said his focus is the promises President Trump has been keeping to the American people since his election.

"I think he puts the American worker, manufacturer, and farmer first," Arrington said. "I think he puts America's safety first with respect to securing the border. I think he loves our troops and he wants to make sure their equipped to handle the threats. I think he wants to do good and make good on promises to our veterans, That's what I'm focused on, I believe that is his heart and his intention."

Arrington said resignation and impeachment are the last thing on his mind.

"There are times in the life of an organization or a country where you just need different types of leaders," Arrington said. "I think there is a real sense of crisis in this country over what kind of country we're going to be."

Arrington said the eight years before President Trump's election, the American people felt that there was tyranny of central government.

"I think this president reflects the strong public sentiment that they want their country back and we the people want to be empowered," Arrington said. "I think he's exactly what the people wanted."

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