"The mural speaks volumes" Guadalupe neighborhood preserving his

"The mural speaks volumes" Guadalupe neighborhood preserving historic artwork

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

It's a landmark in Lubbock's Barrio de Guadalupe neighborhood. Atzlan Park and it's historic mural trace Lubbock's Hispanic culture to show how the community has grown over the years. 

"Once upon a time this park right here where we stand used to be a migrant camp. It was a labor camp and there used to be tents all around this area," said Lala Chavez, Guadalupe Neighborhood Association president. 

At the heart of the Guadalupe Barrio is Aztlan Park, which includes a mural that was built 22 years ago. It has been painted twice and is currently under going renovation.

"As time came, it was weathered and what not and the city approached us. They asked us to get a committee together and said they would have a hand in helping us to get a muralist so he could come out and help us redo the mural," said Chavez. 

Lala Chavez and her husband Johnny Salinas have lived in this neighborhood for more than 30 years and said each piece of the mural has meaning and significant value to their community.

"You see the migrant workers working in the fields toiling day in and day out at minimum wage at the time. As you pan farther to the right, you see where the kids are reaching out, someone is reaching out to those kids and giving them education, teaching them. If you pan further to the right, you see the unity of the church, the Mexican and American flags. That is the unity of both the American and Hispanic communities," said Salinas.

The renovation project is expected to be completed towards the end of August. Lala Chavez said she hopes to bring more community related events to the park and invites everyone to take part and witness her communities rich history. 

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