Abernathy police chief terminated after allegations of unauthori

Abernathy police chief terminated after allegations of unauthorized credit card purchases

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Following his suspension Monday, Abernathy Police Chief Cameron Bowman was terminated Friday following a closed session of the city council.

A letter sent to Bowman alleges numerous unauthorized purchases on a city credit card.

Bowman has been the police chief since 2012.

This was the only agenda item City Council addressed and they met less than an hour before coming to this decision.

 "I can't comment on the investigation, but I can confirm that we have forwarded the appropriate documentation that we have to the Hale County District Attorney as well as the Texas Rangers," said Todd Hurd, Abernathy city attorney. 

Abernathy Police Officer Luis Villarreal was appointed as interim police chief until Council goes through the hiring process for another police chief.

"Council considered making sure we had an interim police chief and officers to maintain the normal course of their duties," Hurd said.

Hurd said Villarreal has a lot of history with the city as a former police chief, but was most recently an officer with the department.

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