Lubbockite says native country of Venezuela is "gradually deteri

Lubbockite says native country of Venezuela is "gradually deteriorating"

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The future is uncertain for Venezuelans as the country suffers through an economic crisis spurred by political and social unrest. 

"We feel so saddened and frustrated that we cannot do anything," said Liza Anselmi De Fromm, who immigrated to the U.S. with her family a year ago, leaving behind her home and other family members. She said it is heartbreaking to watch her native country fall apart. 

"The economic situation was not improving -  the economic measures of the government were instead of helping it, was making things worse," said Iñaki Sagarzazu Texas Tech political science professor who specializes in Latin American politics. 

He said the root of Venezuela's current crisis is a result of the death of President Hugo Chavez, continuing with his successor Nicolas Maduro who is vastly unpopular. Venezuelans thought things would change in 2015 when the opposition scored a major electoral win, taking a significant number of seats in the national assembly and in its congress, but Maduro prevailed. 

The government and the opposition have gone head to head, spurring protests and riots in the streets of its major cities. President Maduro has changed the country's constitution, replacing it with the new constituent assembly which he claimed will bring peace and economic reform. 

"In reality, the constituent assembly is just an instrument of further control of the executive. The constituent assembly is involved in all other branches of government and so what the government is trying to do is basically eliminate any internal dissent and any external dissent as well," said Sagarzazu. 

The new constituent assembly officially went into effect on August 4th, giving Maduro's regime ultimate power over all branches of government. The decision to move forward with constituent assembly has caused Venezuela to become an isolated country, 44 nations including the United States have condemned and refuse to recognize it.

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