Family reflects on two years since Texas Boys Ranch adoption

Family reflects on two years since Texas Boys Ranch adoption


Even though they already had children of their own, a Lubbock family answered the call two years ago to adopt a brother and sister from the Texas Boys Ranch. 

FOX34 first met Isaia Duenes in 2015. He had just left the Texas Boys Ranch, and was settling in with his new home and family. Two years later, Isaia graduated from high school, a moment that seemed impossible.

Isaia's mom, Mary, said from day one they fit it perfectly. 

"It has been very rewarding to see of the things that we have tried to teach them in these short two years, they're implementing them," she said.
We can see it in their character. We can see it in their behaviors. We can see it in the way they are succeeding at school." 

She is proud of the person Isaia has become.

"We can't take credit for all of who he is, we came in when he was a sophomore in school," Mary said. "He so diligent is so many ways. It has been really rewarding to see him with so many accomplishments at school."

This once shy teen, has matured over these two years. 

"Knowing what we went through what we have in the past, and where we are today it surprises me," he said. "We've only been here for two years, and whenever I think about the past, I think it is a story for me now.  I don't feel like it is a part of me."

His maturity was also evident in his answer about having a family. 

"With actually having a family and everything, and having that foundation it feels great knowing that there is someone there to have your back," Isaia said. "I just think that having a family it really helps you go through those hard moments.  And there is going to be good and bad times, and I just feel like family is more than what I will ever need at this moment."

Isaia is the epitome of a Texas Boys Ranch success story. 

"In order to be a part of that success, I knew I had to maybe share a story like mine to someone, it actually might help someone else who actually has gone through a hard time," he said. "I can tell them that through any situation, you can pull through. It is a really great time to be at this place right now."

He has found his people, and wants others to find the same.

"You are going to need that love from someone," he said. "And I feel like some kids are going to feel like they are overlooked. But I believe that God has a plan for everybody. And he is going to pull through."

In the Fall, Isaia plans to attend South Plains College and eventually Texas Tech. 
He wants to be a forensic psychologist, or a sports trainer.

The 42nd Texas Boys Ranch telethon is Saturday, August, 12.

It is from 6 p.m.-11 p.m. at LHUCA.

You can watch it on FOX34, or stream it online. 

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