Lubbock family adopts four kids through Texas Boys Ranch

Lubbock family adopts four kids through Texas Boys Ranch

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The Burch family of six used to be two. That is until Aaron and Laura decided to adopt. 

Through the first seven years of marriage, the Burch's struggled with infertility. They wanted a child but were running out of options. Adoption was talked about but the were not sold.

"A friend of ours from church offered a church bulletin that said, we've got an informational meeting with Texas Boys Ranch over at the Overton. You guys should go," said Laura. We thought why not so we went and it was a great meeting. It was informative." 

"No pressure," said Laura's husband, Aaron. "Just very easy, informative. We had a hundred questions and they probably stayed there for an hour."

After the meeting they made an appointment, they began the process of adoption. 

They had started the training to become foster parents when they got the call. It was asking if they could take in four siblings who were in an emergency shelter. 

"We met them and it was just kind of love at first sight," Laura said. "It was a lot of rushing, a lot of quickly getting around, quickly painting, quickly adding new windows and I started nesting immediately. It was like, you've got to calm down. I was like, I can't get this house clean enough."

The Burch's received children that were put in emergency placement.

"For emergency placements we usually don't have that much time," said Karleigh Porterfield, Recruitment and Home Developer for the Boys Ranch. "We could be called at two o'clock in the morning and saying hey, we have a three-year-old boy. All we konw is that he's being removed for abuse, drugs, any kind of neglect, anything like that and we just have to call that family back and be like hey, there's this sweet little three-year-old boy. We don't know much about him right now, are you willing?"

With each adoption, TBR is there every step of the way. It helps couples prepare their homes and navigate the legal red tape in gaining custody of a child. 

It is that help Aaron and Laura said they could not have gone without.

"They've helped us out so much," Laura said. "I mean it's been so helpful. Adoption was kind of scary and I was kind of like, we're not going to have them anymore at our fingertips."

"We still have the support of the Boys Ranch and we can call them up and ask them for continuing education," Aaron said. 

Through that support Nicholas, John, Dominic, and Cecilia are now getting the love and nurture needed to grow and develop to their fullest potential.

"You see pictures of them and it's crazy," Laura said. "They've got this glow to them now and this smile and that's just huge all the time. They're constantly smiling and it's fun. We do lots of lauging and giggling and goofiness but we laugh a lot and one of the things John said is, I love it here, we laugh so much, and I said yes we do."

"They were caged, freightened, guarded, behind in development, behind in education, and over this last year we've been able to, my wife has been able to get them caught up on a lot of stuff and that's why we're going to continue to home school them next year," Aaron said. 

TBR needs more families willing to do what the Burch's have done. 

If you are willing to take the first step to fostering or adoption, you can reach out to the Boys Ranch on their website

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