Texas Legislature yet to pass any legislation during special ses

Texas Legislature yet to pass any legislation during special session

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The governor's call for a special session intended to complete unfinished business. 

The issue, the on-going stalemate between the House and the Senate, which ended the regular session is now rearing its ugly head again. 

Lawmakers have been unable to get anything to the Governor Abbott's desk over the past three weeks. They have nine more days to pass measures in the governor's call. 

The House and Senate, individually, have approved proposals addressing Abbott's agenda. The House has passed 24 bills addressing eight of his priorities. The Senate has advanced 20 bills relating to 18 items. None of which have been enrolled in a conference committee. 

Neither chamber has even passed the "sunset" legislation that would keep five of the state's licensing agencies open.

Curtis Parrish, FOX34 Analyst, said you can chalk this lack of progress up to a difference in political ideologies. That divide centers on House Speaker Joe Straus and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.

"The privacy bill, vouchers, financing schools, etc... those things, both the leadership of the House and the leadership of the Senate are pretty far apart and because they are so far apart it seems like neither one is willing to compromise or find a common ground and therefore we have an impasse," Parrish said. 

Parrish said he expects the two chambers will manage to pass sunset in order to keep those licensing agencies open. He does not believe anything else will get the governor's signature though. 

Lubbock lawmakers are optimistic about the gridlock in Austin. 

In a statement, Rep. John Frullo said "There's still a third of the session left and as with all sessions, a flurry of activity occurs in the final days. I expect this one to be no different and the differences between members as well as between the legislative bodies will be hammered out in this time period."

Rep. Dustin Burrows says, "The governor has signed important bills during the 85th Session including those impacting reform of the Child Protective Services Agency, improvement of mental healthcare services for all Texans, help for our retired teachers and budget legislation that is fiscally responsible. We have just a few remaining days in this special session, during which time both my House and Senate colleagues will listen and debate and take into consideration all the amendments before we make our decisions."

Lubbock Senator Charles Perry also chimed in. He says, "The process requires a majority of 181 members to agree to pass a bill to the governor for signing. A Republic Democracy is a messy but worthy endeavor."

The state Constitution allows for the governor to call lawmakers back as many times as he sees fit. 

This special session must Sine Die as scheduled and cannot complete any more work without the governors bidding.

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