Texas Boys Ranch empowering staff and children alike

Texas Boys Ranch empowering staff and children alike

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The Texas Boys Ranch mission has always been to empower its children, providing a place where they can be themselves and grow. This happens because of a hardworking team that mentors and loves these kids.  

"A blessing, that's the first word that comes to my mind, a mission filled with love," said Kendra Jones, a licensed counselor, described her experience having worked at The Texas Boys Ranch for the last five years.

"It is an incredible blessing that I have to be able to work with the amazing people that work here and also the amazing children we get to work with," said Texas Boys Ranch President John Sigle.

Texas Boys Ranch staff members are enriching young lives and in the process changing their own lives. 

"Well, my wife and I were foster parents back when we were younger so we always had a desire to serve kids, to help kids in need and when the opportunity presented itself, we thought this could be something we can do together," said Jay Hanley, a church relations officer for the Texas Boys Ranch.

Roger Mahan joined the Texas Boys Ranch team along with his wife and two children. They worked as house parents for the first few years and he said working with abused and neglected children gave him a different perspective. 

"It really has opened our heart to see a bigger picture of what children, some children face in our world and the challenges that are before them," Mahan said.

Jones said she has had several moments at the ranch that have impacted and changed her life. 

"The child came to me and by holding him, I was able to calm him down," Jones said. "He is in an adopted home now with his siblings and is doing phenomenal. Just to see the progress from that, seeing that he's healing from that hurt and anger."

The Texas Boys Ranch staff said working at the ranch has given them a sense of purpose by becoming role models, providing safety and protection, being a friend, and creating a long lasting family for these children for the rest of their lives. 

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