New immigration reform plan laid out by U.S. lawmakers

New immigration reform plan laid out by U.S. lawmakers

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Senators David Perdue (G.a) and Tom Cotton (Ark.) proposed the first step in comprehensive immigration reform by adjusting visa programs. President Trump announced his support for a congressional plan that would overhaul the immigration system for the first time in half a century.

"It's including the modification of two aspects of immigration law; family and employment immigration," said local immigration attorney Paola Ledesma.

 Ledesma said this proposed law would cut the number of legal immigrants admitted into the country, changing the system's foundations. 

"What the current system is trying to do is unify families it is somehow controversial but at the same time we understand that there has to be limits to immigration to the legal immigration to the country."

Since his announcement the president has received opposition from both the democratic and republican party focusing on the economic impact this would cause. 

Ledesma said one of the biggest questions is what will happen to undocumented immigrants.This proposed law faces a tough battle in the senate. Republicans will need democrats to agree to the plan and the full support of the republican conference,something the GOP has yet to manage with its other legislative priorities.

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