Family grateful for community support after fire

Family grateful for community support after fire

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Thank you is the main message from the Johnson family to the people of Lubbock. The family of seven escaped the Hunter's Way Apartment fire Tuesday with only the clothes they were wearing.

Destinee Scott, family friend, said the last few days have been pretty hard for the young kids.

"It has been very chaotic," she said. "I mean few of the babies aren't able to sleep things like that. They've been waking up in the middle of the night yelling fire, things like that."

The apartments are demolished. According to the complex, eight units were involved and seven of those had families in them including the Johnson's. 

Carpet Tech employees are lending a hand to the Johnson family. The company heard about their story from a recent visit to a relatives house. Employee Chase McDonald said a technician asked one of the Johnson kids about his toy.

"He quickly found out that was one of the few toys they had left," he said.

Carpet Tech put a post out on social media asking for donations for the family. 

The community really came together and brought in a bunch of stuff to our location on 19th and Milwaukee," McDonald said. "It really goes to show how much Lubbock cares about its community and its neighbors."

A couple of TV's, washer and dryer, lots of toys and clothes will all go to the family.

"Customer service is something we really strive on," he said. "And them giving back to the community as much as we can, we really take pride in that. We really try to give back."

Scott said the support has been overwhelming, and that the Johnson's are truly thankful.

"It is hard to start over, but it is not impossible," Scott said. "With the community behind you like Lubbock, I mean it is not impossible. It is heart-wrenching, but it is not impossible. It is hard, but people are able to do it. I mean this Johnson family is doing it."

Carpet Tech will donate the items to the family Saturday. The Johnson's say it not just about them. They're also helping out the other victims who lost everything.

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