'What-a-legacy': Whataburger founder's family continues serving

'What-a-legacy': Whataburger founder's family continues serving up dad's dream

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He was man with a dream to serve a bigger, better, burger. One of the restaurant's mottos today: "We've stuck to what got us here." However, many of us don't know the story of Harmon Dobson the visionary behind Whataburger. The Texas favorite that started in 1950.  

Harmon had a dream to serve up a good burger. He was the leader until his unexpected death in 1967. His daughter, Lynne, was ten when he died.

"He was in La Porte, Texas near Houston," she said. "He took off and we don't know what happened to the plane. But it crashed on take-off."

In his stead, the determined entrepreneur's wife Grace took over.

"She really had good basic common sense and strong values, and a lot of kindness and a lot of loyalty," Lynne said.

The business is still in the family. All three children including Lynne are involved in their dad's dream. 

"We love serving good food, and we have wonderful people serving good food," she said. "And we love our customers. So, it is that symbiosis of the hospitality and the comfort people come in for. Food is very personal, and we hope our service is very personal too." 

The 90's were a good time for the chain, but she said the major growth took place in the last decade. There are now more than 800 locations in ten states.

"I don't think dad would have ever thought of 800 stores," she said. "He was a big dreamer, but he would be amazed that we have that many. We try to run them consistently with a lot of care, pride, and love."

She said her mom and dad would be proud because the company continues to bring in workers with a servant's heart.

"That is what he would like is the high standards that we still have, and the hospitality, Lynne said.

On Thursday, Lynne was in town to open up Lubbock's ninth location at 114th and Quaker. 

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