Citizens Tower ready for construction

Citizens Tower ready for construction

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

After a delay and many details to finalize, Citizens Tower is finally ready for construction. 

City Council is working to set the tower's guaranteed maximum price at $42 million and some change, coming in under the predicted budget.

Council has also voted to bulldoze the parking garage and use surface parking instead, the cost of repairing the garage would have pushed the project over budget .

"We are spending other peoples money on this and what we didn't want is to get at the end and there be surprises," said District 4 Councilman Steve Massengale. "This puts us in a position not to have to ask for any more money, taxes were never raised to build this building and I think that is good. It's exciting today for the citizens of Lubbock to know that their new city hall is about to begin."

Lee Lewis told City Council that his guys are ready to get started and that the project should take about 22 months to complete.

The tower will be move-in ready by May 2019.

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