Local peach farm plants its seed in the Lubbock community

Local peach farm plants its seed in the Lubbock community

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Each customer who visits Noble Farms is asked the same question, "Have you picked peaches before?"

"We weren't farmers my husband and me, we had other careers and four years ago we had the opportunity to purchase this orchard and I was looking at it as oh yeah, it'll be so nice to have just some fruit trees," Noble Farms owner, Sheela Noble said.

Sheela instructs visitors on how to take a peach off the tree and tells them how they will know it's ready.

"Put your fingers above it and if you feel like its soft and you pull it down, it'll come in your hand. Alright so you're looking for color, smell and the softness," Noble said. 

Running the orchard has certainly been a learning process for the Noble's.

"Our first year, the orchard was full we were both working in our previous careers and neither one of us knew what we were going to do with all of the peaches, we had no experience, it froze so we didn't have a harvest that year," Noble said.

Over the last three years, harvests have been filled with families making memories.

"Year one, it was a baby and now the little one is walking and each year it is fun to see the progression and we see several generations coming together it gives them a time to relive old experiences, that they've picked with their grandparents or parents," Noble said. "It also teaches the next generation hey you know what you do get fruit off a tree this is what it looks like and its okay to go ahead and eat it."

Noble farms wants to make the orchard an educational experience.

"We hope to incorporate raised beds with vegetables companion planting, and having little plaques so making it an education via discovery when they come here for not just children, but for adults who may not know, yeah you can grow tomato and cilantro and a pepper together and just throw in a marigold you wont have to spray as much," Noble said.

"It's empowering to know how to grow something," Noble said. "It can then go over to so many other areas in your life. You know you plant a seed, you watch it grow, it's hope, it's showing that things can happen."

"The best part of the orchard is the relationships with customers, local and statewide vendors," Noble said.  

"It was a shock because I had always heard Fredericksburg, East Texas that's where everything is, they have absolutely amazing peaches no doubt about it when they don't have the chilling hours then they run a little short," Noble said. "I am grateful they are reaching out this far north and one of the vendors was very impressed that we actually grew peaches, were able to grow peaches here.

"I think they are learning a little bit more about West Texas and what we are able to do out here," Noble said.

At Noble Farms orchard visitors can pick red globes and hale havens, until the season ends in the middle of August.

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