Tech Terrace residents in disbelief of Monday night's shooting

Tech Terrace residents in disbelief of Monday night's shooting

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"It's a nice park so for it to happen here, it's crazy because I mean I would expect it more that way, you know, but this way not really," Tech Terrace resident Sabrina Reyes said. 

The typically quiet Tech Terrace neighborhood, disrupted Monday night by gun shots at Wagner Park. 

"Honestly, it's scary because my boys could have been playing here and who's to say the fight broke out and they shot and my son was right here and he shot him instead of the other one he was aiming for, no days the kids, they don't think," Reyes said. 

Lubbock Police reported that Jose Gomez, 23 and Stephen Joseph Buckley Jr., 29, met at the park and got into an argument.

Investigators theorize that is what lead to the shooting before the suspect left, on foot.
"This was not random, this person wasn't targeting people at the park, it just happened to take place there, that's where the altercation occurred," Lubbock Police spokeswoman Tiffany Pelt said. "It really could of happened anywhere."
"I play tennis over there, I walk my dogs over there and so it is just a peaceful place, I was just in such disbelief that, that could come to our neighborhood," Tech Terrace resident Mark Dotson said. 
Despite the violence, residents were back at the park this afternoon.

"It's a nice park, bad things happen, they are going to happen, and the kids love it here, so I don't think so, just as a parent you need to watch your surroundings," Reyes said. 

"I walked my dogs yesterday evening, yes and I noticed it was very encouraging me to see a lot of people staying in their routines, I see a lot of people the same people every day and so people I feel like, I don't know if it is wise or not but they just continue their normal routine," Dotson said. "What other choice do we have?" 

Buckley was arrested by Levelland Police and will be transferred to Lubbock. His bond is set at $300,000.

"My heart goes out to the victim, I hear he was a very young man. I didn't really watch the news. that saddens me that a life is taken but I am thankful that, I hope justice is served," Dotson said. 

According to court records, Buckley has previously been charged with forgery, failure to identify and possession of marijuana.

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