Man finds hope after losing nearly everything in apartment fire

Man finds hope after losing nearly everything in apartment fire

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

A fire that tore through a building at the Hunters Way apartments on the West Loop blanketed the neighborhood in thick smoke and has left numerous residents without a place to stay.

"I had just gotten home, like 15 minutes and I asked him to come over so he came and maybe five minutes later they're saying hey, the building is on fire," said Eliza Escamilla. "Get out. So I start grabbing stuff that I knew I wouldn't want to lose and I moved my car and everything was just happening so fast."

"The maintenance man was like is everybody OK? And I was like dude, we got to check upstairs because the doors are all still closed and there were cars not moving that lived outside," said Jericho Pena, a friend of Escamilla. "So we were assuming someone was inside."

That is when Pena jumped into action, searching his neighbors apartment, making sure no one was inside.

"He was knocking on the door and I was just like knock it down," Pena said. "So he knocked it down and we dropped down on our knees and the smoke was pitch dark. I mean it was heavy. The heat was just outrageous. We heard a noise or a dog and then we just barely talked to a neighbor and he said that he had left his dog up here so hopefully it wasn't the dog."

The owner of that dog, Matthew Likes.

"I heard over the phone that it was pretty bad and then when I got here, I seen it and I was like oh my God," said Likes. "And I don't know, I was just broken I guess."

As far as Likes knew, his dog was still upstairs in his apartment.

"Buck's in there and he's probably, he's probably gone."

Despite the heavy damage to the building and the intense heat, Lubbock Fire Rescue reported no injuries, including Likes' dog Buc.

"I was on the phone with my girlfriend and I just looked up over there and she was on the phone crying cause I told her it was real bad and I just assumed that he was gone. I looked up and I seen him. I was like oh dang, he's alive. Like how is that possible."

With that good news during an otherwise terrible day, Likes said he found hope that everything will be OK.

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