Lubbock Vector Control crews work to eliminate threat of Zika an

Lubbock Vector Control crews work to eliminate threat of Zika and West Nile

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

After sheets of heavy rain came a cloud of mist accompanied by a steady hum.

Vector Control trucks are fogging for mosquitoes. It is a must because last weeks downpours mean the mosquito population is growing.

"I know the city's Vector Control folks are already hitting it hard and heavy or they were getting ready for it last week and I'd imagine they're probably hitting it hard and heavy right now," said Steve Presley, Texas Tech Environmental and Human Health professor. 

"We treat from  8 P.M. to midnight and then we come back again in the mornings and treat between six and 9:30 in the morning." said Robert Lopez Jr. Vector Control Coordinator.

The city sprays insecticides in attempts to reduce the change of West Nile or even Zika from being spread.

"What it does is it come in contact with the mosquito and it absorbs the chemical and it winds up killing the mosquito," Lopez said. 

The problem with spraying is that after a while if the chemicals are not rotated, the bugs can become immune and develop a resistance.

"They have developed resistance over time and that's one of the significant reasons why DDT was stopped being used in the United States because not only was it an environmental threat which has gotten the most attention but house flies and some mosquito species developed resistance," Presley said. 

Resistance is something Lopez is working to prevent in Lubbock.

"Here in the City of Lubbock we've switched out the chemicals every two years so we are trying to continue to do that so the mosquitoes do not become resistant to the chemical," Lopez said. 

If you have a complaint about mosquitoes in your area, you can call the mosquito hotline at 806-775-3110.

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