'Journey for Hope' stops at State Supported Living Center

'Journey for Hope' stops at State Supported Living Center

LUBBOCK, Texas -

A group of cross-country cyclists stopped in Lubbock Saturday as part of its mission to raise money for people with disabilities. The "Journey for Hope" is an extension of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, and runs from Long Beach, Cali., to Washington, D.C.

Alex Mills and P.J. Lahey said they're happy to volunteer for the cause.

"Seeing the stories and photos from years past really pushed me to join the experience," Mills said.

"For me," Lahey said, "I really just wanted to help create change for a community that's often overlooked, and also just to push myself harder than I pushed myself ever before." 

The "Journey of Hope" has traveled more than four thousand miles and raised more than $500 thousand since leaving Long Beach.

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