Kelle B Jammin': selling locally to selling statewide

Kelle B Jammin': selling locally to selling statewide

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Texas ranks as the second best state to start a business, according to Wallethub.

Many Texans agree, with more than 2.5 million small businesses in the state, employing 4.6 million workers, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration.

"If you would've asked me six years where I'd be here, I certainly wouldn't have said this, and I'm happiest I think that I've ever been in my entire," Kelle B Jammin' owner, Kelle Barnard said. 

Six years ago, Barnard was jamming as a hobby.

"I got into it and it was so relaxing and calming to me and it just became a passion that I started creating all of these weird recipes," Barnard said. "I'd post pictures on Facebook and everybody was like oh are you selling this stuff, I want this stuff and I was like no, and then I was like okay, yeah lets do it."

Quickly turning her passion into a business.

"Since then it has grown, I was selling it from my home and then thanks to the cottage food law, I was able to start selling at the farmers market and then I found a commercial kitchen, which is where I am now," Barnard said. 

Last month, her small business hit a new milestone.

"I got into United Supermarkets in their Market Street locations and not just here in Lubbock, which is what I was focusing on but all of them in Texas so, that's Dallas, Midland, Odessa, San Angelo just all over the place, so it's just been this huge blessing that has come and I'm super thrilled about it," Barnard said.

The produce in Kelle's jams comes from local farmers and producers.

"They really want to work with me and the flavor of these fruits is so much stronger which helps to make my jams taste that much better," Barnard said. 
"Customers aren't just buying the jam, they are buying into its story," Barnard said. 

"None of us would be where we are right now without the support of the local people who buy into our story and want to help support that story and so that helps support my story and then I spread the word as much as I can about Crazy Hoe Farms, and Noble Farm," Barnard said. 

Barnard credits Lubbock, and those relationships for helping her succeed.

"Lubbock is a great place to start a business and to be an entrepreneur and I've always touted Lubbock as just being, so welcoming to entrepreneurs and so helpful," Barnard said. 
As Barnard's business continues to grow she will continue to package and make her jams, just as she always has, but at a larger scale, in a bigger kitchen.

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