Confiscating fireworks across Lubbock will continue

Confiscating fireworks across Lubbock will continue

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The natural fireworks on Tuesday night's fourth of July put a damper on the man-made stuff. The storm rolling thru the area cancelled the fireworks shows, but the fireworks complaint calls were heard loud and clear.

"We are expecting more throughout the week into the weekend, but we just want to remind people that we will be out enforcing that city ordinance," said Tiffany Pelt Lubbock Police Department public information officer. 

Firework sales began on June 30th and LPD received more than 2,000 calls related to fireworks. Pelt said independence day was a busy one. 

"Just for July 4th from midnight to 11:59 pm last night just for that 24 hour period we received 371 calls of complaints."

 This year LPD and the fire marshal's office teamed up to enforce the city ordinance issuing citations and confiscating fireworks within city limits.

"We didn't write too many citations. I know LPD lead the bulk of that, but we confiscated some," said Allen Martin with the Lubbock Fire Marshal's office. "Some places we had four dumpsters, one of the dumpster was completely full and the others didn't have to much in there." 

If anyone is caught in possession of fireworks within city limits their fireworks  will be confiscated and will face a 1,000 dollar citation.


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