LCU professor hosts hostage negotiation training

LCU professor hosts hostage negotiation training

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

A professor at Lubbock Christian University and negotiator for LPD's Swat Team led an area wide hostage negotiation training. 

Negotiators from Lubbock and surrounding counties as well as students from Texas Tech and LCU practiced hostage negotiation techniques for various scenarios. 

"I hope for two things," said Andy Young, professor in behavioral science at LCU. "One, that everyone is ready for the next time they need to talk to somebody who's in crisis or having a problem, but also that they can learn from each other and learn something that they wouldn't normally learn just having training with officers training officers ."

Young said this training in a controlled environment develops communications skills for negotiators who must work in an uncontrollable setting. 

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