Anton residents cleaning up after storms ravage town

Anton residents cleaning up after storms ravage town

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The town of Anton was ravaged by storms over the weekend.

Golf ball sized hail destroyed roofs, windows, and cars while flood waters from the heavy rains swept though the town.

"It destroyed us," said Angela Hinojasa, Anton resident. "And I know we're not the only ones but you know what, it hurts because a lot of valuable stuff that got lost here."

The American Red Cross is in Anton helping families. It is providing supplies such as tarps and cleaning supplies to help people get back on their feet.

"We come up and we see if we can help them," said Brad Larson, Red Cross volunteer. "We have some cleaning kits that have some mops and some brooms and chlorine bleach that they need to clean up. A lot of what we do is to be here and let them know somebody cares."

The Red Cross will be on scene until they are no longer needed.

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