Fireworks for a cause

Fireworks for a cause

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With firework stands all around the county, off 130th Street east of Frankford, you'll find a special stand, with a very special little boy selling fireworks for a cause.

Connor Perryman, 9, certainly knows his fireworks and is a pretty good salesman. 

"He loves fireworks, so what a better combination than to have him out here helping us sell these fireworks and raising money for his dog," Connor's mom Valerie Perryman said.

The money raised will help in the last step of this three year journey, of bringing Dexter to Lubbock.

"He is in Virginia Beach with his trainer, and he is almost ready to come home to Lubbock, so now is the time to train the adults, so we will go and have four days of training with his trainer to know how to handle things with Connor," Valerie said. 

Dexter, is a diabetic alert dog. "So whenever my blood sugars get low, since he's like a better nose smeller, he can actually sense it better of what my blood sugars are and if I'm like this age cause I'm a deep sleeper and so if he can't wake me up, he will go wake my mom up," Connor said. 

He will be helping Connor and his family monitor Connor's type one diabetes.

Connor wears an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitor to also help maintain his levels. 

"My body doesn't make insulin," Connor said. 

Dexter will be able to sense and alert them if Connor's blood sugar gets too high or low.

"Type one diabetes is hard, but it makes it easier with Dexter," Connor said. 

"That's the great thing about service dogs, he's able to take Dexter with him everywhere and his school has been so great making arrangements," Valerie said. "He will have Dexter at school and so I think it's just it is going to mean everything for us."

The Perryman's will head to Virginia Beach in September for training and to finally bring Dexter home. 

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