TxDOT and Ports to Plains Alliance improve transportation in Wes

TxDOT and Ports to Plains Alliance improve transportation in West Texas

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The president traveled to Ohio touting a one trillion dollar infrastructure plan. TxDOT and the Ports to Plains Alliance discussed how to improve the transportation of goods here in the state.

The Ports to Plains corridor plays a big role as the new Texas Freight Mobility Plan is underway.

The transportation of goods across the state is a big part of our economy and the Texas Freight Mobility plan is a movement focusing on the transportation of those goods. 

"The most important element of the plan is that it looks at how we can move goods," said Caroline Mays Section Director for Freight and International Trade for the Texas Department of Transportation. "That helps companies locate in Texas, stay in Texas, expand in Texas and also provides jobs for Texans and improve the quality of life. " 

At the moment, the Ports to Plains corridor runs from Lubbock to Amarillo, but it could be much greater.

"We have identified the Ports to Plains corridor as a principal corridor because it connects the Mexican border and goes all the way to Canada," Mays said. "In terms of moving goods, not just within the state, but also in a national and in a multi-state, it plays a key role."

Michael Reeves is the president of the Ports to Plains Alliance and said infrastructure spending is an investment.

"The better we can improve that transportation network the more cost efficient we can transport our goods out and the more money we can keep in the local economy," Reeves said.

President Trump called for a $1 trillion private-public investment in infrastructure over the next ten years with few details. Reeves said if this proposition is approved, there will be some key benefits, but there is uncertainty. 

"There are also some areas of concern because a lot of it is focusing on private funding," Reeves said. "When you are talking about private investment in highways, that usually means toll roads, which is not going to work for us in rural areas."

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