Local President supporters express their issues with the media

Local President supporters express their issues with the media

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There doesn't seem to be much gray area. When it comes to the president, you're either for him or against him.

The president's advocates, which far outnumber the opponents in conservative West Texas, said there's a liberal agenda coloring everything he does, says, tweets or suggests.

We asked some of those supporters who complain about the coverage on the FOX34 Facebook page to tell us their side of the argument, because they say we don't represent their views appropriately.

The conversations, civil or otherwise started long before the president took office.

"I think that his campaign narrative or rhetoric was just extremely unpopular again with the people who have the power to put the information out in the country, which is the media and I think people who frankly don't really like to think for themselves took it and ran. I think that they just, there has just been a turn in this country against conservatism and I think that's really whats behind the attack on him," one supporter said. 

Even as far back as the primaries, there was talk of conflict of interest between the president's businesses interests and foreign countries, namely Russia.

"He has known ties in Russia with the banks and stuff, it's a witch hunt in the fact, they, everybody says he's a communist, everybody thinks that there is collusion, that Putin influenced the election, I mean come on, get real," a supporter said. 

"This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history, " President Trump tweeted this week. 
"Honestly, I think he worded it perfectly, I think it is a witch hunt, it's like the liberals whenever they lost the election, it's like a third grade class gets in trouble for one kid that talks out whenever the teacher is out of the room, it's everybody is angry about it and nobody can accept the fact that they lost," a supporter said. 

"It's not a witch hunt no, I think that like I said, I think everyone is scared of what's to come for sure and him trying to fix the problem. I think everyone is just intimidated by that," another supporter said. 
They point fingers at both local and national reports as the reason for a lack of respect for President Trump.

"Because I think that they have a narrative that they will follow at all cost and I just feel like they for a long time have had a certain political leaning in this country and that's the way they are going to go with their reporting," a supporter said.

What would they rather see when it comes to reporting the news?  

"Less opinion and just more factual information, and just really less opinion, I mean it's pretty clear in most reports both national and local media that they tend to throw in either half-truths or just opinions," a supporter said. 

"Take more of a neutral approach to things, you know see things from both sides. You know everybody talks about how the wall is so horrible, the wall is about national security, you know, there are a lot of people that are going to be hurt by it yes, there are also going to be a lot of American citizens that benefit from it. It's cover it from both sides, don't just cover the negative aspect or just the positive aspects, it's show it from both sides of the fence."

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