San Antonio fire kills veteran firefighter

San Antonio fire kills veteran firefighter

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A three-alarm fire killed a six-year firefighter in San Antonio.

The blaze engulfed a computer repair store near the Ingram Park Mall and collapsed part of the structure.

It trapped and killed Scott Deen. He's the first San Antonio firefighter killed in the line of duty in 20 years.

Two other first responders were injured, but they're expected to survive.

Fire Chief Charles Hood said the decision to "go defensive" and not try to rescue the trapped firefighter was one of the most difficult in his life, but he'd make the call again.

"I could not lose ten or 15 firefighters because the men and women in this organization would've continued to poor in that building and risk their lives to pull their brother out," Hood said.

The store owner said cameras inside the business captured an explosion. He did not say what could have been behind the blast.

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