Manslaughter retrial underway after April mistrial

Manslaughter retrial underway after April mistrial

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The retrial underway for a defendant accused of manslaughter in connection with a fatal crash in 2013.

Oscar Aaron Longoria, 22, is accused of driving his vehicle into a utility pole while intoxicated and speeding. 

A passenger in Longoria's car, 17-year-old Angel Flores, died.

In opening statements, prosecutors note the crash was of a magnitude that Longoria's vehicle was cut in half from the collision.

Defense attorneys contend Longoria's car was bumped by another vehicle and the defendant did fine in a field sobriety test.

A DPS lab employee testified Longoria's blood alcohol content was .111.   

Longoria's first trial in April ended in a mistrial before the jury could be brought in for opening statements.

Both sides agreed to start the legal proceedings all over again after discussions regarding punishment options if Longoria was convicted. 

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