Lorenzo woman reunites with mother after more than 40 years

Lorenzo woman reunites with mother after more than 40 years

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Tisha Norman has been searching for her birth mother for more than 40 years. 

After giving birth at Reese Air Force Base, Tisha's mother gave her up for adoption. Her adoptive parents Richard and Earlene Crain, loved her as their own. 

"They always told me, you know, you were special because we got to pick you and so I didn't grow up really wanting to know where I came from but as I got older I just had this hole, gap that I needed to fill," Norman said.

She began the search digging through declassified records, scraping together any information she could about her birth mother.

"I started looking, I started writing letters and you know we really didn't have the internet at that time so I started writing letters, making phone calls, nothing came of it."

While the process was trying, she could not let it go.

"I would just look at faces and I would get obsessed. I couldn't work, I couldn't do anything else so I had to kind of push it aside and you know, something would spark my interest again and I would pick it back up."

That obsession led to her posting on Facebook and getting more than 2,000 shares on her post asking for help.

"I had just done that a couple of years ago and didn't come up with anything but then all of a sudden I had people putting their profiles on there; I think this is her. So I contacted her and said these are my details do you think you can help me. I didn't want to scare them so I said I'm just looking for medical information and if it goes beyond that, great."

Then she got a response. 

"Friday I was on my way to Lubbock and my phone pinged and I glanced down and it said Berta Groce has accepted your message. I couldn't pull over fast enough. I just had to get to the grocery store and I pulled over and I sat there for a minute and thought, what am I going to find here. I pulled up her message and it was very short and sweet and to the point and said, 'happy birthday. I've been waiting for you to find me for 44 years.'"

Then came the phone call.

"I put it off for a while. I got up and had my coffee and I got on Facebook for a little bit and I just kind of woke up and just sat there for a little bit and I thought I've got to do this. I was scared to death."

Norman plans to travel to Tennessee with her family this Summer to meet her mother for the first time.

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