House Freedom Caucus go on "killing spree" in final house of 201

House Freedom Caucus go on "killing spree" in final house of 2017 session

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

It has been dubbed the "Mothers Day Massacre."

Hundreds of bills killed on the house floor using parliamentary procedures to delay them past the chamber's deadline, killing more than 100 bills, including two by Lubbock Rep. John Frullo.

It all started at the beginning of session as tensions rose between far right conservatives and the leadership. 

It reached its boiling point Thursday night. 

"I've already had members try and tell us the far right, the conservatives, the Tea Party caucus, the Freedom Caucus, are responsible for pro-life bills," Rep. Jonathan Stickland (R-Bedford) said from the House floor. "They could've brought them up in 24 hours and gotten it through."

Rep. Frullo's bills that were killed dealt with the regional public defenders office and loosening the use of fireworks. 

He said the move by the Freedom Caucus does not take constituents into account and prevents government from doing what it is sent there to do.

"I thought that in essence we're sent down here to do the work of the people and in that case we're not necessarily doing it," Rep. Frullo said. "Most of us are there to do what's right and not to pander to individual groups."

This in not the first time dissatisfied state lawmakers have maneuvered to kill a large amount of bills.

"On Memorial day, 1997, Burleson Rep. Arlene Wohlgemuth decided found a point of order in the Calendars Committee and it was like hundred plus bills were killed that day," said Curtis Parrish, FOX34 Legal Analyst. "It was a massacre."

Parrish was on the House floor that day. He said the Freedom Caucus's anger is comparative to that of 20 years ago.

"They wanted to highlight the fact that we don't have confidence in the speaker," he said. "Now, again, this is a very small minority of far right-wing conservatives. Joe Strauss pretty much has the support of the main body of the House of Representatives but it does highlight the fact that a small minority can really throw a kink in entire legislative system."

"At the end of the day we still have Senate Bills that will be coming through," Frullo said. "You will see in some cases, Senate bills that will be amended to add the items that are on the Local and Consent calendar."

Both chambers have until May 29th to complete their business.

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