Olton residents react to Tillman's "paid vacation"

Olton residents react to Tillman's "paid vacation"

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It's a 60 day paid suspension for Olton's embattled city manager, Marvin Tillman, a week after a grand jury indicts him on two third-degree felony theft charges.

The community's governing body made that decision behind closed doors and has left some residents thinking that more arrests should've been made.

Mayor Mark McFadden declined a response, but he will be taking over city manager operations during Tillman's paid suspension.

The city manager faces charges of acquiring and controlling a 72.4 acre tract of land owned by the city without consent as well as using city water without paying for it.

The decision to put Tillman on a paid vacation seems to be irking certain Lubbock residents.

Amy Sandoval Rios said, "I think it's unfair and not right because we know he did it." 

Juan Esquivel said, "How come the city council didn't ask for our opinion? They should of opened it. They were supposed to have it on the agenda to open it, open a session, a discussion session. How come they didn't do it?" 

Esquivel said there's a lot more going on in Olton than many realize and it's been going on for years.

"I'm hoping somebody comes and continues investigating our city council because we need to clean house," Esquivel said. "There are more people that are involved with this deal. Marvin wasn't the only one that's doing it." 

"They are sticking together as a whole because they know and I know," Sandoval Rios said. "If Marvin Tillman is smart, if they put him on unpaid leave or take his job from him he will point the finger at them. They will know, the state will know that the people that sat in there and made that decision today knew what he was doing." 

Sandoval Rios said if anyone else were in Tillman's predicament, he would have been the first one to do something about it.

"He needs to be treated like any other person," Sandoval Rios said. "As a matter of fact, he needs to be treated at a higher standard because he is a person of the city"
"Our kids, our grandkids - this is that what we are going to show them," Esquivel said. "As long as you have a position, you can do whatever you want to and get away with it. " 

Tillman's legal woes aren't over yet, he could still face criminal charges for allegations during his time as city manager in Olton 

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