Texas Tech professor running for Congress

Texas Tech professor running for Congress

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

District 19's Democratic Party announced its second candidate who plans to run for Congress in the next district elections.

Texas Tech history and borderland studies professor, Miguel Levario, made his public announcement to run for Congress. Levario said he plans on being an inclusive leader that represents everyone and hopes to change the way things are done in West Texas. 

"I think you have to face your constituents," Levario said. "I think you need to interact with your constituents. I don't think you should be selective with who you meet with. I think you need to meet with everybody. We can't be sort of always accepting this one party system as sort of the status quo. I think that in order to have more inclusive voices. We need to be able to have at least a two party system in this region and or in this state as well."

The Democratic Party did not have a representative in the previous election, Levario said its about giving the people of West Texas a choice. 


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