Coach Spike Dykes' one-liners were life lessons

Coach Spike Dykes' one-liners were life lessons

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Beyond Coach Spike Dykes 82 wins, 67 losses and 7 bowl game appearances were the millions of one-liners, he was most known for. 

Each one left a lasting impact on former players and colleagues, as they shared at the memorial service and reception in honor of the iconic Texas Tech football coach.

"One bad apple will spoil a whole barrel," Texas Tech football alum, Ben Kirkpatrick said. 

"We need to get after them first rattle outta the box," Texas Tech football alum and Assistant Coach, Jason Clemmons said. 

"He always told me he said Bammer you know why they make erasers on pencils,right? I said no coach why? Because you can erase your mistakes, you have time to erase your mistakes," Texas Tech football alum, Byron "Bam" Morris said. 

"Another one was, the hays in the barn, he'd go men the hays in the barn we just gotta play," Kirkpatrick said. 

"Get after them like a striped rear ape, I don't really know what that means, I guess those apes run fast, I don't know," Clemmons said. 

Every person at Coach Spike Dykes memorial, smiling as they swapped one liners.

"In our world, we loved them," Kirkpatrick said. 

"The one liners always had a meaning you know, it wasn't just a joke, it was just his way of trying to communicate to us," Clemmons said. 

The trademark phrases, were more than clever words.  They were life lessons.

"The wall street company, they didn't have the sauces. Coach Dykes had the sauce. He had it all along, and all of those lessons that he taught us back then that was so simple.  It was just a way of life, and it still works today," Texas Tech alum, Anthony Lynn said. 

"I think the public knows him as person that was really funny and had lots of one liners and all that short of thing, but I think from a players stand point and a coaches stand point it's those true values that he brought to all of us that he taught us, I think to this day I use," Clemmons said. 

A former rival and great friend, laughs as he thinks of the moments they once shared on the gridiron and the green.

"I told him that if he died on the golf course, if he started to die on the golf course, he had all of his chewing tobacco on his face I wasn't going to give him mouth to mouth and he had his head down and he looked up and said that's the best news I've heard ever, I'd rather die," Former University of Texas head coach, Mack Brown said. 

Many more were shared from the pulpit.

"The officials come out and say Coach Brown how are you welcome to the BIG 12, introduced myself to each one and then they turned to Spike and hugged him first and said boy Spike you got a good team, I love watching your practice and Sharon's apple pie oh my, I knew we were in trouble," Brown said. 

"Spike had a habit of going around a visiting all the players, he'd get a piece of bacon off of Anthony plate, he'd get a biscuit off Tracy Saul's plate, they had this pot up whoever picked the food first won the pot," Former Texas Tech assistant coach, Doyle Parker said.

Bam Morris, even sharing the moment he was the victim.

"This particular day, I think they had fried chicken and Coach Dykes reached over my shoulder took a bite of my chicken and said Bammer, don't taste that good, and threw it back on my plate and I was like oh man," Morris said. 

It his larger-than-life persona that engaged and inspired all of those who crossed his path.

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