Judge Gorsuch confirmation hearing

Judge Gorsuch confirmation hearing

LUBBOCK, Texas -

Judge Neil M. Gorsuch gave his opening statement on Monday during the fist day of his confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Judge Gorsuch said if judges were just secret legislators it would jeopardize our entire systems of government. The opening statements included both arguments for and against Gorsuch's confirmation.

""These days we sometimes hear judges cynically described as politicians in robes, seeking to enforce their own politics rather than striving to apply the law impartially ,but if I thought that were true I would hang up the robe,"said Gorsuch. Texas Tech professor Arnold Loewy said he expects the hearings to focus on Gorsuch's philosophy more so than specific issues, "That the questions are limited to what his general judiciary philosophy is and they are not asking specific questions about on how you will vote on abortion rights? How would you vote on capital punishment?"

Political scientist Jared Perkins disagrees and believes the hearings will be centered on the judge's prior cases, than an overall belief system. " So I think we will sord of hear more about these cases, and here more about some of the cases he decided on since he became a judge and that gives an indication on how he will decide on these issues in the future." 

Senators will begin questioning Gorsuch on Tuesday. Chuck Grassley Committee Chairman said he expects a full senate vote to confirm Judge Gorsuch in two weeks. 

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