Democrats hold town hall in absence of Rep. Jodey Arrington

Democrats hold town hall in absence of Rep. Jodey Arrington

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Republicans face protests at town halls in their home districts during the congressional recess. 

Lubbock Congressman Jodey Arrington elected not to hold one. In response, a crowd of around a hundred gathered for the "You Work For Us" town hall raising their concerns and asking questions to a cardboard cutout of Representative Arrington.

Arrington said in a statement that he was unable to hold a town hall because "I have had a full schedule of meeting with local farmers, ranchers, healthcare providers, small business owners, civic leaders and families who care deeply about our country." He added "You've got an organized effort of a few to disrupt. That's their stated mission. When they do that, they don't just inhibit my ability to communicate with these folks, they inhibit the constituent's ability to share their thoughts and concerns with me."

"He's used the word that this is political theater," said T.G. Caraway, who helped organize the town hall. "Well like I made the point when I was speaking that one mans political theater is another persons democracy. You know, in 21st century America, you need to come to a public event and listen to what all your constituents have to say. Not just the folks you pick and choose."

Caraway said while the congressman has his reasons for not coming, he said he though Arrington should have made time.

"They have their priorities and they made that point but you know, I would if I were a congressman that I would try to work it in my schedule even if he just showed up for 15 minutes," he said. 

While most of the comments surrounded actions the congressman had or had not done, Hunter Locascio, a member of the Young Conservatives of Texas at Texas Tech stood up to voice his support for Arrington.

"I think there should be some collaboration but at the same time there's some things I hope, you know, there are some things they are just going to disagree on and I hope Jody doesn't cave on those sort of things," Loscascio said. "But collaboration in some of the issues is definitely a necessity."

Arrington said he will be scheduling meeting with constituents when he returns to Washington but said he wants to hold meaningful conversations that aren't going to be disrupted.

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