Local salon owner plans to take business on the road

Local salon owner plans to take business on the road

LUBBOCK, Texas -

Going to the beauty shop to get your hair done isn't going to cut it these days, especially for a local salon owner. Regimen Men's Fine Grooming Salon Owner, Natalie Craig, wants to take her business mobile.  However, before she puts it on wheels she has some rules to follow. 

"I want to bring us to the forefront," she said. "Changing what we see in the barber and hair industry, and the best way to do that is to be different, and I think that entails us going mobile."

She said it's not all about having a shop anymore.

"Lubbock is growing," she said. "There is not one great location. So to me, the great location is where we can be at a corporate office. So, coming to you versus you coming to me now is going to be so much easier."

Craig said she does everything by the book.

"So, I crossed all my T's and dotted all my I's with the Texas state law, and so I wanted to do the same with the city," Craig said.

She contacted the planning department.

"I found out that really the only thing out there is for the food industry, and the trucking and there wasn't really anything for us," she said. 

For about a month the city's director of planning has been working on updating the city's ordinance to allow Craig to operate her mobile business. Drew Paxton explains one of the five conditions.

"It is not intended to set-up to conduct business with the general public, by appointment only," he said. "Pre-determine location, pre-determine time with that one client."

Paxton explained the reasoning.

"That starts crossing over more the zoning side and the true land use," he said. "If you are going to set-up at that location, the zoning would have to be appropriate for that type of outside sales and services." 

Another condition: the service business has to get permission from the property owner to set-up. Craig was already planning to do that.

"We will set-up locations with corporate offices, and we already have four or five that are already to go," she said.

The mobile unit has space for two stylists, and amenities like a 50-inch TV, and fridge. Its taken three months to outfit and it should be ready in the next couple of weeks.

"You can expect the same quality, a hair-cut, shampoo, cut, and the post-rinse and style out," she said.

In order to get the unit fully approved by the city, Craig's salon-on-wheels will have to meet other requirements. All of these only apply to service businesses -- not food trucks or their vendors.

  1. The mobile service business shall offer services to clients by individual appointment only.
  2. The mobile service business shall not set up on any site in order to conduct business with the general public.

  3. Any sale of goods or merchandise by the mobile service business shall be at the same time and location and in conjunction with the services rendered by the mobile service business (subject to Chapter 8.12 Peddlers and Solicitors).

  4. Outside display, banners, and additional signage or advertising is prohibited, but signs permanently attached to the mobile service business vehicle are allowed.

  5. The mobile service business must obtain permission from the property owner or the property manager before the mobile service business may conduct business on any property not owned by the mobile service business.

Craig is even hoping to venture out of Lubbock and expand her customer base to different cities around Texas.

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