Austin Kemker

Austin Kemker

Austin Kemker joined the FOX34 News team in February 2016 as a reporter. He moved all the way from the home of the blues, Memphis, Tennessee.

Austin grew up in Memphis, where he quickly gained an interest in journalism. His mother says she knew he would be in the news when she would find him watching the news all day as a kid, instead of cartoons. 

Growing up in Memphis, Austin was raised as a big fan of the University of Memphis Tigers. After high school it was a natural fit for him to stay in town for college. While at the U of M, he obtained his Bachelor of Arts in journalism and worked with the local Yahoo Sports affiliate co-hosting a daily sports talk radio show and covering the Memphis Grizzlies along with the University of Memphis Athletics program.

After graduating in December of 2015, Austin found a home in West Texas with the FOX34 team. In his free time you can find him cycling around the South Plains and exploring the city. 

If you have any story ideas, suggestions, or would just like to start a conversation, feel free to contact him via email at or you can find him on Twitter, @Austin_Kemker.

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