Texas Boys Ranch: house parents

Texas Boys Ranch: house parents

On the outside, it's a home. On the inside it's a family, but not a traditional one.

"Do you have sixes or fives?" Denise Lawrence said. Denise and her husband Jake Lawrence are house parents.

"Originally we just wanted to own a ranch and use the ranch to spread the gospel and help kids," Jake said.

That's exactly what they're doing at the Texas Boys Ranch. They care for five boys, as well as two of their own.

"We were nervous about it when we first came in," Jake said. Nevertheless the family dynamic fell into place.

"Most days are good. We play and we laugh. It's hectic, but it's good hectic," Jake said. They know these kids have been through traumatic experiences.
"A lot of the time they have already dealt with so much inconsistency," Jake said. Their goal as parents is to be a rock.

"Even through the good days or the bad days that we are the same person. We react the same way and we rely on God consistently," Denise said. They also create structure.

"Every meal that we're here, we sit down and eat it together. We pray before each meal," Denise said. "The boys take turns praying. We even do our family chores together." They also build trust.

"Before the boys go to bed, Jake will go through and really talk to the boys kind of get the one-on-one man time," Denise said. 

They've been parenting the boys for less than year, but are already seeing growth.

"We get to see them turn into men in the things that they're changing. We've seen God work through them," Jake said. The kids are not the only ones changing.

"They push us to be the best we can be all the time," Jake said. For him and his wife, this isn't about doing a job.

"Don't come in to fill yourself up, but be ready to pour yourself out," Jake said.

It's about leaving a legacy, in hopes someday the boys will pass these values to their children.

"If you're not invested until it breaks your heart, you're not invested enough," Jake said.

The Texas Boys Ranch is a non-profit childcare facility, foster care and adoption agency. The 40th annual Boys Ranch Telethon is its biggest fundraiser of the year.

What: Great entertainment and many stories of the work being done at the Texas Boys Ranch.

When: Saturday, August 8 from 6 p.m. - 11 p.m. 

Where: Frenship High School Performing Art Center (902 N Dowden Rd., Wolfforth, TX) or watch it live on FOX 34.

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