Jeremy Mincey Ends Brief Holdout Sunday

Jeremy Mincey Ends Brief Holdout Sunday

By Todd Archer of

OXNARD, Calif. -- When the Dallas Cowboys take to the field today for practice, defensive end Jeremy Mincey will be there.

The Cowboys have removed Mincey from the reserve/did not report list and added him to the active roster.

Mincey ended his brief holdout after meeting with Garrett on Saturday night. According to a source, the Cowboys have reworked Mincey's deal for 2015 and discussions will continue on a possible extension.

"I hate to miss a few days because I wanted to be out there with my guys and suffer along with them, and work along with them," Mincey said. "I hate it came to this, but I'm just glad I'm here now and it's all over. No hard feelings. I'm just ready to play football."

Multiple sources said the Cowboys gave Mincey a $500,000 increase in his $1.5 million base pay. He missed out on a $500,000 playing-time escalator last season by 11 snaps. He needed to play 70 percent of the snaps but finished the year at slightly more than 69%.

While the sides talked about a two-year deal, they ended up re-working Mincey's deal this year and will have discussions later about an extension.

Mincey said his meeting with executive vice president Stephen Jones went well.

"Everything worked out," Mincey said. "We hashed it all out and we got everything done. I'm here for the year and hopefully we'll see what the future holds. I'm excited about the future and I think I got a lot of football left in me."

Mincey was subject to fines of up to $30,000, per the collective bargaining agreement, for his absence.

"There's a business part to the NFL that we deal with on a daily basis and there's a football part," Garrett said. "And Jeremy has done a nice job for us since he's been with us. Like everybody else, you have to establish yourself and define yourself every day by what you do and we're excited to have him here at camp."

Mincey is scheduled to make $1.5 million this season in the final year of a two-year deal worth $3 million. He has been hoping for a re-worked contract and the sides had been in discussions on a two-year deal. Mincey missed out on a $500,000 bonus last year by less than 1 percent of play time and is set to be the 70th highest paid defensive end.

He led the Cowboys in sacks last year with six and played a valuable role in the locker room.

The Cowboys held their first padded practice on Saturday. They Cowboys will ease Mincey into practice and could keep him out of pads.

"We're not going to put him out there and put him in a situation that might compromise him," Garrett said. "So we'll see what he's able to do and we'll make the right decision for our team and for him."

To make room for him, linebacker Justin Jackson, who suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament on Saturday, was waived/injured.

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