Lubbock daycare works to prevent sunburn

Lubbock daycare works to prevent sunburn

Two young Oklahoma boys are still at a Galveston hospital, treated for severe sunburns. Their mom is accusing the daycare of not properly protecting their skin.

When trying to prevent this kind of harm a good reminder is the nursery rhyme "head, shoulders, kees and toes, knees and toes."

"The children their skin is a lot softer, you constantly have to put sunscreen on them," Owner and Director of Wee Care Child Center Jill Wines said.

The sun is not only a killer to your skin.

"I mean a severe sunburn can actually make you systemically ill to where you actually not feel well, you can have electrolyte imbalances," Dermatologist Bryan Harris said.

Wee Care Child Center is a Lubbock day care.

"Parents entrust you with their care with their children so when they go to work they're expecting their child to be safe," Wines said.

That's why parents are asked sign a consent form to allow the center's teachers to apply sunscreen on their children.

"We provide the sunscreen, it's Rocky Mountain sunscreen. The teachers apply it before we go outside each time," Wine said.

The Rocky Mountain sun screen has an SPF of 50.

"At least an SPF of 30 to apply 30 minutes before they get outside into the sun and then be sure to reapply it every couple of hours," Dr. Harris said.

One thing to remember is make sure you're using enough.

"They say for your body if you're going to a pool or what have you you need to apply an ounce," Dr. Harris said.

Don't be afraid to ask for help.

"Backs and shoulders frequently get burned because people don't ask for help," Dr. Harris said.

Also, sunscreen isn't a one-time application.

"Some people just put it on in the morning and then go out for the day but you definitely want to reapply every couple of hours or even more frequently if you're in the water," Dr. Harris said.

Along with following those guidelines, staff at Wee Care has a couple more tools to prevent sunburn.

"We check the equipment to make sure it's not too hot so the children can't get burned on the surfaces," Wines said. "The state has given us a guide as to when the weather is too hot and precautionary measures."

Don't be fooled by higher SPF's. Dr. Harris said you still need to reapply just as frequently.

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