Sen. Perry: Planned Parenthood video indisputable

Sen. Perry: Planned Parenthood video indisputable

Lubbock State Senator Charles Perry serves on the committee investigating Planned Parenthood. 

He said the organization has always been under scrutiny for its practices. 

"It's indisputable in that video even in the smaller version. If you see the whole video in context you'll be very clear on what is being discussed. It was very clear that the individuals in that video were talking about pricing and profiteering on donation of tissue, Perry said.

In a statement released, Planned Parenthood declined to participate in a hearing held by the committee, criticizing the group, claiming it has no desire to hold a "responsible, fair, fact-driven hearing."

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said, "Their failure to participate at the hearing clearly demonstrates a disregard for the investigative process or helping Texans understand the truth about what is really going on. I look forward to the conclusion and appropriate recommendations from the Health and Human Services Committee's investigation of Planned Parenthood."

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