Not as hot, slight chance for storms

Not as hot, slight chance for storms

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We tied the hottest temperature of the year so far in Lubbock as we warmed to 98° this afternoon. Below is a look at some of the morning lows and afternoon highs from today.


All the rain stayed to the north and west of us today, but we will continue to have chances for rain the rest of the week. Over the next couple of days, most of the rain will stay to the north of us across the Panhandle, but a few showers could move across our northern counties. At the end of the week the stationary front that is now draped across the southern Panhandle will likely shift a bit farther south, which will provide more of us with a chance for storms. That being said, it still is only a small chance for storms, held mostly across the northern half of the South Plains.

Temperatures will not be as hot the rest of the week with near average temperatures expected. That means we will have low 70s each morning and low 90s each afternoon. While we will have a few more clouds in the sky there will still be plenty of sunshine.

I hope you had a great day and were able to stay cool! I will step you through the forecast tonight on the News at Nine and Christopher will have a complete updated forecast for you tomorrow morning.

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