Less hot late this week

Less hot late this week

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MORE HOT DAYS: The upper-level ridge hasn't moved much. This time of year the forecast is pretty simple...look for that big heat bubble and see which way it's moving. Because it's across our region it'll be sunny and hot, high near 96 today and tomorrow. A few isolated storms are possible northwest of Lubbock, close to Clovis, but the chance is low. Here is the forecast today:


SOME CHANGES: By mid-weeek the ridge should be east of our region, then it will expand some to the Four Corners. With the ridge not right on top of us it should be a few degrees less hot...can't exactly say cooler with it in the low 90s. BY late this week into the weekend the wind aloft will be moving northwest to southeast. This could bring a few storms into our area late, but it's not much of a chance.

Have a great day. Rudy will update this outlook here later today. Christopher will be here in the mornings next few days, I'll be training with the Lubbock Area United Way as we prepare for this year's campaign.

Have a great day.

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