City Council votes on interim police chief and golf range

City Council votes on interim police chief and golf range

City Council confirmed the appointment of interim Police Chief Jerry Brewer.  

It's a six to one vote, with District One's Victor Hernandez the only "nay".
City Manager James Loomis named Brewer acting chief after demoting Roger Ellis on June 26th.
In Executive Session, we're told Council and the City Manager discussed that big shake-up as well as the DOJ's investigation into LPD's hiring practices.
Other than the Brewer vote, there was no public mention of the LPD issues.

During citizen comments, several speakers lobbied council to push for legislation that requires more intervention in missing persons cases, especially teenagers. 
When a 9-1-1 call is made reporting a missing teen, an investigator must make the determination if the case involves a runaway or a person who has truly gone missing.
The speakers said there needs to be more investigation at the city, state. and federal level before someone is labeled a runaway.
Elizabeth Ennen's aunt cited her niece's case from 2011 as one that may have gone differently with more investigation. 

"Elizabeth when to babysit as I said, in January of 2011 and she never came home. Under current laws and policies you don't have to prove that they're a runaway, it's just automatically assumed. Elizabeth was found 20 days later in a cotton field," Mary Gomez said.

Gomez said Ennen did not have her purse, cell phone or extra clothes with her which should have been a red flag that the 15 year old was not a runaway.
Family and friends of murdered teen Mark Ysasaga was also in attendance but did not address council.  

The Citizen Tower renovation could take at least three years, according to architects.

During Council's work session, the design firm discussed plans and estimates to revamp the old Omni building. 

"I was interested in low maintenance on whatever we build over there, so it was just an opportunity for council people to say hey this is what I would like to see, not that they're going to do it, but it's good for them to have some ideas," Councilwoman Latrelle Joy said.

The high-rise could be City Hall's new home. and the current City Hall location would be revamped for LPD headquarters. 
That would replace the old police department building at 916 Texas.

Representatives of the North and East Lubbock Community Development Corporation discussed it's plans with council.  One of the initiatives is the Adopt-A-Spot program which would provide 13 households in the Dunbar-Manhattan Heights area with rehabilitation materials. The organization is partnering with Habitat for Humanity in this process. Financial stability, diversification and sustainability, and return on investment were all key components discussed in moving forward.

Council also gave approval for Golf Hub of Lubbock to begin negotiations with the City Manager.
Developers of the privately funded golf driving range were hoping to build at Mcalister Park in Southwest Lubbock. 
Of concern to council members is the sale of alcohol near Legacy Play Village and youth baseball fields. 

"If somebody brings their child to a bar it's a choice. But the people who use the park, and the Legacy Village and the people at the baseball fields, they don't have a choice. It's there, and so I just think there's so many reasons why it's not a good idea," Councilwoman Latrelle Joy said.

Councilwoman Joy also said she doesn't want to set a precedent with the leasing of Lubbock's parks to private businesses. 

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