TABC investigating El Patron bar after weekend fight

TABC investigating El Patron bar after weekend fight

A Lubbock bar under scrutiny again after a man died from a gun shot wound over the weekend.  Police report Jose Diaz Garcia, 23, died at the hospital after a fight inside El Patron near 50th and southeast drive, spilled out into the parking lot.

This is the second time this year police have responded to a violent brawl there. In April, a fight inside the bar also continued in the parking lot. A victim was stabbed several times but survived. 

The TABC is looking at the bar's security footage to determine if El Patron is at all responsible. 

"We don't expect employees or owners of bars or any of our establishments to act like police officers," Mark Menn with West Texas TABC. "We don't expect them to do anything that would put themselves in harms way but at the same time they do have a responsibility to their customers and to the public to act when its appropriate and take reasonable precautions for the safety of their customers."

Menn said employees have an obligation not to over serve guests and take reasonable precautions to prevent something from getting out of hand.

If you have any information on the incident contact police or call Crime line 741 1000.

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